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Thanks to the use of different clamping screws M 10x6, M 10x8, M 12x8, M 12x10 panel thickness of 3-5 mm, 5-8 mm, 10-13 mm and 13-16 mm can be connected.

for panel thicknesses 3-5 mm
Clamping screw M 10 x 8

for panel thicknesses 5-8 mm
Clamping screw M 10 x 6

for panel thicknesses 10-13 mm
Clamping screw M 12 x 10

for panel thicknesses 13-16 mm
Clamping screw M 12 x 8

The steel clamping screws are suitable
for connections to all types of panels
(with the exception of glass).
For glass panels we recommend our plastic clamping screws.

At best suitable for glas thickness from 3 - 5 mm, 5 - 8 mm and 10 - 16 mm.

Glass fittings/Glass connector

The Irus connection systems are also suitable for using as glass connectors or glass fittings. Thanks to the use of plastic clamping screws of different lengths, glass sheets with a thickness of 3-5mm, 5-8mm, 10-13mm and 13-16mm can be connected.

Glass displays and glass cubes can be easily mounted together using the wide range of connectors ( angular connectors, cross connectors, hinges, three-way connectors, multi-functional connectors, etc.) which can be either rigid or movable.

The sturdy Irus glass fittings and glass connector are also suitable for outdoor use.

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