The Irus connection system for exhibitions is designed on a modular design principle. This connection system is an individual system enabling a wide range of solutions. Thanks to the movable and rigid clamp connectors, exhibition stands can be quickly and easily erected.

The varying clamp connectors that are available for panel thicknesses of 3-5, 5-8, 10-13 and 13-16 mm enable customer-specific exhibition stands to be realized in different variations.

Whether rigid foam, wood, glass, metal or composite panels they can all be connected to one another. Attention! Steel clamping screws are used for all panels except for glass, and plastic clamping screws solely for glass panels.

A number of new connection possibilities for use in exhibitions stands, advertising, orientation and control systems as well as display and shop fitting has emerged from the combination of our aluminium profiles with clamp connectors.


  • Easy to transport
  • Individual design possibilities
  • Simple and quick to erect
  • Only 1 tool necessary
  • High quality
  • Free choice of panel

Panel connector


Glass panel connector

Frequently asked questions

Can I connect different panel thicknesses to one another?

Exact planning allows us to screw different lengths of screws into a connector which in turn enables you to use different panel thicknesses in the exhibition stand.

Can 5-8mm and 10-13mm connectors be used in an exhibition stand?

Only if they are used independently. They cannot be combined.

Can I erect the exhibition stand by myself?

We recommend that 2 people always assist when erecting this connector system.

Can I connect glass panels with wood panels?

When planning, please specify the material of the panels so that we can insert the correct screws in the connectors

Do I receive certain interior furnishings for the exhibition stand?

We have a selection of interior furnishings on our display page.


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