Basic element type T

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Basic element type T

Plastic clamping screws
for panel thicknesses of 10 - 16 mm

The basic element Type T is used as an end fitting for boards/panels. Ground unevenness can be compensated for by using the adjustable legs. Simply screw the adjustable leg in or out.

Basic element type T
Basic element type T
Basic element type T
Basic element type T
Clamping screw / or panel thicknesses Item No.
Plastic clamping screw / of 10-13 mm 01.302
Plastic clamping screw / of 13-16 mm 01.402
  • Product Basic element type T
  • Areas of applicationfor panel thicknesses of 10 - 16 mm
  • Materialaluminium
  • Surfacesilver coloured, anodized E6/EV1
  • Weight0.045 kg
  • DownloadsData sheet
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